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Here are what players who have bought a Bartolex or Milagro guitar are saying about their instruments. Please note that some of these testimonials are from our overseas counterpart associates in Europe and the USA.

Greg Macmillan, Christmas Hills, Australia
The custom 7 string guitar Neris built for me is a true concert quality gem. It's exactly what I have always wanted and for its “no compromises” quality was also the best value for money. Neris has had enough experience with the many different types of guitars from Spanish, Brazilian, 7 and 10 string guitars to jazz and electric guitars etc, to be able to make the ideal guitar for you. If it isn't the standard thing, Neris has enough knowledge about what makes a guitar sound good to make it how you want it. Neris is great to communicate with and very patient to make sure you get exactly what you want. I would not hesitate to recommend a Bartolex guitar for any one who wants anything from a great sounding intermediate guitar to a full blown concert guitar, and great value into the bargain.

Wayne Riddel, Winchester, KY, USA
BARTOLEX SPS10CEL : Solid Spruce top / Sound Port / Cutaway / BBand Pickups
“I've had my Bartolex SPS10EL 10-String guitar for about 2 months now, and I have to say that it's just a beautiful instrument. When I feel like playing, it's usually the first of my guitars I reach for. I just turned 67, and I regret that I didn't find the 10-String much sooner in life. Any guitarist out there thinking about the world of multi-stringed guitars, I would highly recommend that you do get into it - and I also would recommend Bartolex.”

Scott Horton, La Folia, Austin, Texas, USA
SPS8FAel: Solid top / Sound Port / Spruce Top / 8-String / Fan Fretted / Alto / Electronics: BBand A2.2
“Just got my new Bartolex SPS8FA el 8-string alto guitar. I am a guitarist - but mostly a lutenist - and since I really don't want to amplify lutes, I bought this guitar with the idea of tuning it in g with lute tuning, so I could use it on gigs where I need amplification. It worked better than I expected. The guitar is very resonant and sounds fantastic amplified. And the price was unbelievable for the quality of the instrument. Only took about a week to get used to the fan-fretting as well."

Will Beavan, Whitegate, Ireland
MRS7Cel: All Solid Woods / Ramirez Fan Bracing / Spruce top / 7-String / Cutaway / Electronics: BBand A6T
"I am delighted with my new Bartolex MRS7Cel seven-string. It sings under the lightest of touches, the top end is crisp and clear and the bass end is magnificent. The best guitar I've had in 35 years of playing"

Nacio de Falla, Watertown, WI, USA
SLS10EL: Solid Top / Lattice Bracing / Spruce / 10-String / Electronics: BBand A6T
"I must say I'm very impressed with this guitar. I took it to work to teach today and it just filled the room with resonance! Plus, it freaked out my students when I pulled it out of the case. I will definitely put up a video soon, as soon as I get my brain re-adjusted again - LOL! It's been awhile since I played anything with more than 7-strings other than oud. BUT I LOVE IT!!!!! I have nothing but good things to say about this guitar - in fact, I like it so much I have just ordered a second one in All Solid Woods for acoustic recitals."

Donn Dubois, Houston, Texas
"About a year ago I purchased the all-solid (Indian RW/cedar) Bartolex 10 string model. The guitar has exceeded my expectations - I expected a student grade instrument, not a guitar with great playability and projection. I should add that the guitar looks very nice cosmetically and the tuners have performed very well. The fit and finish are superb. The bass is profound without being overpowering. I can make the trebles sing and have no problem keeping the outer voices of music distinct and focused. I found the set-up to be excellent. Overall, this is a very satisfying guitar to play for an advanced player. My duo partner liked my guitar so much that he rushed out and purchased a Bartolex 10 string with a spruce top. The spruce top also proved to be a very good instrument and Len has posted a review on his Early Romantic Guitar website. I enjoyed listening as Len played a few pieces by Weiss on both the cedar and spruce version. The projection and clarity was excellent for each guitar. There is no reason that these guitars cannot be used for performance, they sound that good. Thanks to Neris for having the vision to start this enterprise, he has done us all a great service in making quality 10-string guitars that are affordable. I should add that I just ordered a custom 11-string Alto model..."

Jan Andrews, Victoria, Australia
Cathedral Guitar Model 125 Cedar / Mahogany
“I'm just writing to confirm that I received the guitar yesterday, September 15th, 2011. Thank you! It is beautifully crafted and has a lovely resonance. It is a joy to own a beautiful instrument. It's hard to put it back into its case after practising. My main focus now is to learn how to play so as to do the guitar justice. I'd also like to thank you for your informative website. I am new to the 10-string guitar and I have found your website to be the most enlightening and helpful.”
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