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8 string guitars are considered a variant of the Russian 7 string.

In the last 40 years the instrument has gained a following in folk, classical and jazz genre’s. Players and composers of note include Paul Galbraith (who uses a fan fret instrument and holds it like a cello) and Alexander Vynograd who has some interesting techniques as well as works he has specifically composed for the instrument. Legnani and it has been surmised Coste composed for the 8 string guitar.

Generally two tunings are used:
Adding 2 lower strings:
results in 3 additional sympathetic resonances over the standard guitar at C, F# and G as well as convenient notes for melodic bass line accompaniment. This is a good basic tuning for classical guitarists with alternative bass tunings up or down up to 4 semitones. My suggestion is to consider tuning the 8th string down to A# gaining an additional 2 sympathetic resonances at F and A# and no exaggerated resonances associated with a B tuning on 8.
Adding 1 lower and 1 top string:
Galbraith tuning BEADGBEA. Vynograd tuning AEADGCEA.

Laudarra offers two 8 string models:

Bartolex 8 Novel Fan fretted. Cedar or spruce top, laminated rosewood back / sides, cutaway, soundport & Fischmann dual blend electronic pickups
Milagro 8 Cedar or spruce top, solid rosewood back / sides

MILAGRO BARTOLEX LITCHFIELD FRIGNANI Multi String Guitars. ALESSI tuning machines PETERSON tuners. Delivery Worldwide.