Multi String Guitars
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Multi String Guitars
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Multi String Guitars  

Laudarra is derived from the Spanish words laud - lute and guitarra - guitar. By Multi-string guitar we mean any guitar that has more than 6 strings.

Laudarra Guitars was started in August 2011 by Peter Mony a classical guitar enthusiast in Sydney, Australia.
After selling my specialist electronic manufacturing business I decided to indulge my hobby and passion for the guitar. 10 string guitar struck the right note.

Although relegated in the past to somewhat of a fringe, in the last 5 years there has been a surge of interest across genres with some talented players and innovative instruments appearing on the scene. With the advent of luthier Neris Gonzalez’s philosophy to make good value instruments more easily available, owning and playing a multi string guitar is now easy, immensely satisfying and really affordable. From where I sit its sounds just great.

What will we do?
Laudarra will be involved all aspects of the ‘multi-string’ sub-genre and foster its recognition and consideration.

· Source and supply acoustic multi-string guitars direct to guitarists worldwide.
· Act as distributor for exotic guitars and related accessories.
· Commission and encourage our fantastic Australian luthiers to produce multi-string guitars and expand their offerings world-wide.
· Create awareness amongst players, teachers and composers.
· Help debunk unjustified criticisms, negative comments and hearsay that inevitably exists whenever there is something new and different.
· Foster and encourage the continued evolutionary development of acoustic guitars.

Notes about this web site. We have tried to provide a balanced perspective of the multi-string guitar so that you may satisfy your curiosity and perhaps be inspired to consider owning, playing or learning one of these fine instruments. Much of the information presented has been gleaned from the public domain and presented in a manner that in our opinion best portrays the multi string genre. If you think there is anything incorrectly portrayed or important facets that should be included, please let us know. Your constructive criticism, praise and suggestions always appreciated.  
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