Multi String Guitars
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Multi String Guitars
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Multi String Guitars  

Bartolex and Milagro guitars are made in a mixed batch of 40 - 60 instruments at a time and 3 4 such batches are produced per year. All guitars are hand made in a medium sized artisan workshop using traditional luthier techniques and supervised by luthier Neris Gonzalez.

Usually in stock
7, 8 , 10 and 11 string instruments. Enquire >

Want to customise?
Top, sides, cut-away, port, tuners, electronics, exotic woods etc - we are happy to advise and then take your custom order which takes 3 6 months. A small deposit is taken on your order. Enquire >

Guitars by Lance Litchfield and Lorenzo Frignani
These guitars are by special order / commission and take 6 9 months. Enquire >

If you live in the USA or Europe please click here and we will refer your inquiry to our associates Cathedral Guitars and Bartolex Europe. They will contact you direct. Most of what you view on our web site is available from these associates and we work very closely with them.

Laudarra Multi String Guitars
Contact: Peter Mony
Postal: PO Box 17, Lindfield, Sydney, NSW 2070, Australia
Studio: 33 Burraneer ave, St Ives, Sydney, NSW 2075, Australia
Phone: + 61 (02) 9144 3911 or Mobile 0408 497132
Fax: + 61 (02) 8580 4814
Skype: petermonylaptop
Email: Click here


Notes about this web site. We have tried to provide a balanced perspective of the multi-string guitar so that you may satisfy your curiosity and perhaps be inspired to consider owning, playing or learning one of these fine instruments. Much of the information presented has been gleaned from the public domain and presented in a manner that in our opinion best portrays the multi string genre. If you think there is anything incorrectly portrayed or important facets that should be included, please let us know. Your constructive criticism, praise and suggestions always appreciated. Please click here for our Web Site & Business Policies >

MILAGRO BARTOLEX LITCHFIELD FRIGNANI Multi String Guitars. ALESSI tuning machines PETERSON tuners. Delivery Worldwide.